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What is Peeplcoach?

Peeplcoach is an interactive and self-paced career coaching platform that helps talented professionals find satisfaction in their work and boost their health & wellbeing.

Through regular one-on-one sessions with an experienced coach, participants get personalised advice on how to grow in their job and make the most of their career.

Our career coaches provide on-demand advice for challenging situations when employees need to talk to someone outside of the organisation.

Each month we’ll send you career development tips and tools, and you’ll have access to a library of resources where we address some of the major issues people encounter throughout their careers.

Personalised Coaching

Participants are guided through a structured process for mapping out a career plan that’s tailored to their goals and aspirations.


As issues arise between sessions, participants can chat online to their coach to get expert advice “in the moment”.

Massive cost savings

At under $100 per team member per month, Peeplcoach costs around ten times less than traditional coaching services.

See our Founder, Christine Khor, explain how Peeplcoach works

How it works

One-on-one career coaching that's available anytime, anywhere.


Once your organisation has signed up for the service, you can invite specific team members to participate in the program. Participants will receive an invitation get started, be introduced to their coach and learn how to get the most out of the program.

First Coaching Session

First, participants select a time for their initial coaching session. Once that’s all booked, to help the coach prepare, we’ll ask participants to upload their CV or LinkedIn profile. In this session, we'll establish a clear set of goals and aspirations that will be used to create a tailored coaching program.

Progressive Coaching

In addition to the quarterly one-on-one video chat sessions, participants are able to chat directly with their coach as new issues or challenges arise. They'll also receive monthly career development tips and tools, access to a library of resources and regular check-ins to help prep for upcoming sessions.


Our Partners

Our Coaches


Christine Khor

Lead Coach & Co-Founder

Welcome to My name is Chris and I have had a very varied career which brought me to where I am today. My career has had 3 distinct stages – to date!! Stage 1 - I started my career in Marketing working for organisations such as Kraft Foods, Simplot Australia and Hallmark Cards. I loved building brands and teams and learnt that the more emotionally connected employees or consumers are the more loyal and passionate they are. Seeing a gap in the market I saw an opportunity to start my own recruitment agency specialising in the area of Sales, Marketing and Communications recruitment. This was stage 2. At our peak we had offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and worked with many of Australia’s’ most well-known companies. What I love about recruitment is the ability to change people’s lives by finding them their dream job. This leads us to Stage 3 – – on demand career health and wellbeing. My purpose is to enable and empower as many people as possible to create their dream careers and in the process of achieving this I will help build strong, engaged and productive teams for organisations. Peeplcoach is the platform to achieve this. I am the proof that it never too late to change your career. From marketing to recruitment to author and speaker and now HR Tech Founder and Master Coach. My motto – Nothing is impossible, even if it is improbable!!!


Bryan Carroll

Over my 40+ year career I have held a number of senior management roles across the sales, account management and operations functions in a number of countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, France, and the UK. While the bulk of my career has been focused in the travel technology arena I also have prior experience in the airline and technology industries.

I have always been passionate about the development of people both professionally and personally which is why I am excited about my new role as Master Coach with Peeplcoach. I firmly believe that career health is an important contributor to our overall quality of life. I enjoy helping people to be proactive about their career, to question and challenge themselves and to create goals that can be challenging and fun at the same time.


Zana Ballantyne

I'm Zana and I'm a dynamic, curious enabler of change, that's determined to cultivate the capability of leaders!

My purpose every day is to explore your hidden challenges then to engage and empower you to find solutions that inspire action.

In businesses I'm known for driving people led organisational change and embedding positive cultures. I do this through a consultative coaching approach and facilitating programs that ignite new ways.

I've worked across various industries and continents with all levels of leadership.

I believe in putting people first to build capability, create high performing teams and positive sustainable change that drives business results. I am excited about my role as Master Coach with Peeplcoach as I will have even greater opportunity to enable individuals to fulfil their career goals.


Rebecca Hoang

I am Rebecca and I have worked in Human Resources for the last 5 years. I love all parts of human resources – learning and development and recruitment but particularly coaching and people development. As a human resource professional my role has always been to help individuals and organisations become more productive, creative and successful. As a Master Coach with Peeplcoach I look forward to working with individuals to help them identify their career goals and support them create and implement the actions required to achieve their goals. I particularly love working with emerging and future leaders as they navigate the complexity of today’s work environment


Mark Szulc

I am a globally experienced financial professional who is passionate about growing businesses not just counting the pennies. I have a solid background and broad understanding of consumer goods having worked in leading organisations such as Kraft Foods, Ocean Spray and McCain’s Food, where I have worked across multiple product categories and geographic locations (Australia, US, UK, Sweden).

The key to my success has been working closely with business leaders, whether it be marketing, manufacturing or supply chain teams to develop solid financial modelling and business plans. I am the finance guy who non-finance people actually like talking to.

With an interest in developing teams and helping individuals achieve their goals and full potential I qualified as an Executive coach whilst in the UK.

In addition to my role as Financial Controller with McCain foods I love my role as Master Coach with Peeplcoach. This role gives me the opportunity to work with talented individuals to develop their careers and find their dream job. I offer great listening skills, empathy, financial and commercial acumen, an understanding of FMCG and global work experience.


Virginia Aldred

I am Virginia and I bring creativity, collaboration and encouraging conversations when you need them most in the course of my work here at Peeplcoach. As an accredited coach, I work with you to explore, through authentic conversations, ways to provoke meaningful change and produce measurable outcomes. These conversations develop deep learning, foster new insights, harness potential, create new behaviours and increase awareness to help you to achieve excellence in both the personal and professional spheres.

Coaching accelerates clients in the pursuit of their potential, encouraging them to be more, to experience more and to accomplish more. From Learning & Development to Team Leader and Case Officer at the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection to a Sessional Lecturer with Victoria College of Arts, my diverse background has honed my skills in an array of areas. Due to the breadth of my industry experience I am able to offer clients and coachees unique insights. I have enjoyed sharing my passions, ideas, enhanced perspectives, excitement, discoveries and insights of a range of clients on their leadership journeys, and I look forward to helping you in your endeavours.


Libby Hickey

I am Libby and I utilise my diverse skillset to create a collaborative and dynamic coaching relationship that will ensure the best outcomes to meet your needs. Coaching is both challenging and rewarding. I enjoy taking a personal approach, working one on one with you to help you navigate your way through the challenges you will face and the hurdles you will have to jump to reach your goals. We strategise, we prioritise, and we set you up for success, helping you to maximise your potential.

I love that this role allows me to utilise my background in intensive care, management and consulting to nurture clients through the process of striving for success, working side by side to generate results. I have a genuine interest in people’s complexities – in what they do and why they do it. My work as a coach ignited this interest, allowing me to combine my career with my passion.



The affordability and accessibility of Peeplcoach means our customers can offer professional career coaching to more of their team than ever before.

Peeplcoach removes the administrative and financial burden from internal HR teams, by enabling participants to access a world-class coaching program at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Monthly Plan

$108.9 per active user, per month

  • Regular one-on-one video coaching
  • On-demand chat support
  • Continuous personal development
  • Scalable pricing
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